IN A WORLD not quite like our own, where the industrial revolution was triggered not by steam, but by springs...

Where the workings of Victorian England are hidden in tunnels and towers, from all but the most determined and reckless...

Where some of the birds have cogs for eyes...

Where clockwork automata are depicted just about as realistically as computers in Hollywood movies...

... young Daedelus Murphy and his ragtag band of friends and rivals are about to learn that that curiosity can be the most dangerous crime of all.

A steampunk parody of the United Artists film Hackers,
by Holly Gramazio and Brendan Adkins

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Read aloud as a podplay on June 8, 2007 by Brendan Adkins, Catriona Mackay, Holly Gramazio, Robert Baker-Self, Kevan Davis, Josh Hadley and Amanda Dale:

Act I (14.3Mb)
Act II (16.3Mb)

Act I (12Mb)
Act II (14.5Mb)

Casting notes

If you're dangerously curious too, here's the origin story. Questions? Comments? Doing a read-through of your own? Let us know.

Clock the planet.