a series of humans disguised as a porn bot

Sext Exchange is an ongoing SMS-based crowdsourced anonymous dopamine engine. Send a message, get one back. Later, someone else will get your message in turn. The cycle will continue until everyone involved gets very tired. The party is currently invite-only; if you know the administrator then you should feel free to ask for an invite.

You see, many years ago, Patricia Lockwood revealed to the world that prefixing almost any sentence with the word "sext" makes it into a poem. It is very difficult to emulate Patricia Lockwood but by God, we sometimes have no choice but to try. So if you send a tiny poem in this format to the Sext Exchange phone number—no photos, no links, no longer than the normal SMS character limit—you will get a tiny poem back. Might be sexy. Might be funny. Might be tender. Please try to be clever, careful and kind in return.

sext: gimme your butt I want it I want two butts sext: gimme your butt I want it I want two butts

Well, it is anonymous, but it's not without consequences. This is a text game, and photos are not permitted. Common slurs are automatically blocked and deliberate hate speech will get you banned. If you like a message, text back hot or yes or 👍; if you don't, text back 👎 or no or yuck; once there's some good data this site will host a pseudonymized leaderboard for the sexters who have pleased the most strangers. If you really don't like a message (or it contains something hateful that slipped through the filter), then text back the word flag and it will alert an admin to check out the issue right away.

Sext: I hope to meet Tom Hanks someday. Sext: I hope to meet Tom Hanks someday.

If you have a US phone number, you can sext as soon as you're whitelisted. If you don't, or prefer encrypted sexting, you can use Whatsapp instead, though there is one extra setup step. To get started, email or text the person who made this (and if you don't already know him, sorry, but you can make your own bot when the source code is released). Same for any terrible problems you discover. Sext Exchange runs on Text Exchange, an open source Python project. Stop reading this, go have some fun.