What Is Starpilot Oh No Why Are You Doing This

Starpilot is a contagious masquerade. It's a cluster bomb trust fall. It's a Twitter app that gives your favstars way, way too much power.

Those Are Just Words How Does It Work Though

Somebody who uses Starpilot stars one of your tweets. You sign into Starpilot and see that you now have one credit for their account. You spend the credit to post a tweet from within the app: it appears on their timeline, just as if they had posted it. Yes really. And once you've posted something, you're an activated Starpilot yourself, and your favstars from that point onward start giving other people credits to post as you.

Then, nothing ever goes horribly wrong and we all stay friends forever.

Seriously What If Somebody Posts Awful Stuff

You can delete the tweet, revoke the app's access and contact Brendan by email or tweet to get the user in question banned.

So The Question Is Whether I Trust My Favfriends

I mean, I don't, but you know them better than I do. Want to find out?