• What is this sextexchange thing?

    Sextexchange is a constrained writing experiment/sex robot based on a tweet format started by Patricia Lockwood. It's a way to anonymously send creative sexts (preferably funny, sexy, thoughtful, silly, or all of the above) to strangers and friends who are also playing the game.


    Brendan Adkins, of course. If you'd like to check out some of his other weird, senseless, hilariously genius projects, try the game Starpilot, or his podcast, The Children's Hour of Knowledge.

  • Why haven't I gotten a message back?

    Before launching sextexchange, the bot's creator did not realize that Twitter limits DMs to 256 in 24 hours. This significantly restrains the activity of the account, and is unlikely to change any time soon. If you haven't received a response to your sext, it's probably because the account is near or at that limit. A short-term solution has been capping sexts-per-person to 10 per 24 hours, so sext wisely.

    It is also possible that not enough other people have been sending sexts, so the pool of responses the bot has to choose from is too limited to submit a response to you. However, if you never receive a response, contact Brendan and let him know.

  • What does “easy, tiger” mean?

    It means that you're over the limit allowed for sexts-per-person in 24 hours. Because Twitter limits an accounts' DMs to 256 in a 24 hour period, peoples' sexts are capped to ensure more folks get to play. Wait a few hours, take a cold shower, and spend some time crafting some really excellent sexts for when you're back in the game.

  • Ahhh! I got all my responses at once, and now I can only rate the most recent one! What happened?

    Unfortunately this is a side effect of playing a game through Twitter DMs. If you want to ensure that you'll be able to rate each sext you get, it's best to always wait for a response and send yours out more slowly.

  • Why am I seeing repeats on the SextExchange site?

    The page pulls paired sexts from the last day or so, since it's fun to see what sexts other people are sending/receiving. Also, you'll occasionally see some truly magnificent random pairings. It will often pull the same pair more than once, or you might see repeats because you're seeing the sext in the “someone sent this” category, and then in the “and got this back” category.

    It's probably worth noting that if you're talking publicly about which sexts you're receiving, it's possible for people to figure out which ones you've sent based on the site. (Unless you're talking about sexts you've received much earlier in the game.)

  • Why are the “someone sent this” sexts rated?

    They have presumably been received by someone else playing the game and rated by the recipient.

  • How are the leaderboard stats determined?

    The algorithm is secret and may change, but it's based on upvotes and downvotes a players' sexts have received. People with extraordinarily high hit rates (positively ranked vs. number sent) are marked on the leaderboard as well.

  • One of my sexts got flagged. What does this mean?

    It means that someone was offended by what you sent, or maybe just really didn't like it. That person won't receive any more sexts from you. If you send hate speech or spam, you will be banned. And always remember: be careful, be generous, be kind.

  • I'm offended/unsettled by something that was sent to me. What can I do?

    Reply “flag” and the sext will be reviewed for content. You won't receive any more sexts from that player, and they could be warned or banned from participating in the future. If you aren't able to flag a sext (because of multiple responses) or want to talk about it to someone, email Brendan.

  • What's with the weird star tweets coming from the sextexchange account?

    You're seeing people playing Starpilot, another (scarier) Twitter game made by Brendan.

  • I'm not comfortable with my sexts being posted on the site/my name being listed on the leaderboard. What can I do about this?

    Email Brendan and he can work on an exception for you. He's very nice like that.

  • Why won't my emoji work?

    Emoji just don't work. I wish they could, but they can't. EMOJI WORK NOW! BOOM 🎉

  • I noticed an error on the site, a glitch in the exchange, or have an idea for a feature that might add something to the experience. Where can I send those?

    Contact Brendan, who has already devoted way too many hours to making his sex robot work.

  • I don't like this game.

    Hopefully not frequent and not really a question, but I'm sorry about that! You don't have to play. Just unfollow the sextexchange account and we can pretend this never happened.

  • What are some of your favorite sexts so far?

    I'm so glad you asked, person looking at this page. There have been a lot of funny, sexy, and magically fantastic ones, although of course everyone's taste/sense of humor differs. Since what I think doesn't really matter, I've asked Brendan to put in some that he likes best:

    • sext: "You see," said Luke, with a sly little grin, "I've learned to do a lot of things without using my hands." Han's breath caught as he f
    • sext: Siri, google "how to draw an ASCII penis"
    • Sext: your voice scrapes the bottom of my stomach, and fills me to the brim
    • sext: who are you wearing?
    • Sext: when I try to be sexy, it's just funny, and when I try to be funny it's kind of sexy; so then I came up with the clown suit striptease
    • Sext: You make me feel brave.