is a series of humans disguised as a sex robot

First, you follow The Sext Exchange, and then you wait for it to follow you back. When you direct-message it something that starts with "sext:", it'll send you something that starts with "sext:" in return. Later, it'll send your sext (anonymously) to someone else. This will continue happening until everyone involved gets very tired.

The Sext Exchange listens to some other commands via DM, such as flag, which will mark the last thing you got as needing investigation and will automatically prevent you from receiving any more messages created by that person. You can vote up a sext by replying with yes or ;), or vote it down with no or :(. Spam or hate speech, of course, will get you permanently ejected from the sexting parlor.

More questions? My friend and yours (and noted sextpert) @endoftheshow has very kindly written you

the FAQ

recently sexted

someone sent thisand got this back
Sext: I want you to cram good sexts into me until you've forced all the bad ones out.
Sext: When I'm done with you, you'll never look at parfait the same way again.
Sext: I'm an asteroid. You're a habitable planet. We spin separately through the endless void, billions of light-years apart, forever.
Sext: let's put on our furry costumes and yiff at the moon!
Sext: you still make my heart beat in triple time...waiting to feel your cock and cum deep inside.
Sext: wanna roleplay as my boss and give me a raise?
Sext: well we can try and keep quiet or we can just ask your housemate to join us and all get as loud as we want.
sext: lets fuck
Sext: undoing ur bra
sext: in a parking lot, listening to you swallow while people walk by.
Sext: take me down all the back roads until you find that perfect spot that drives me wild
Sext: I hope your dryer has a tumble cycle ;)
❣ means the recipient liked this sext!