is a series of humans disguised as a sex robot

First, you follow The Sext Exchange, and then you wait for it to follow you back. When you direct-message it something that starts with "sext:", it'll send you something that starts with "sext:" in return. Later, it'll send your sext (anonymously) to someone else. This will continue happening until everyone involved gets very tired.

The Sext Exchange listens to some other commands via DM, such as flag, which will mark the last thing you got as needing investigation and will automatically prevent you from receiving any more messages created by that person. You can vote up a sext by replying with yes or ;), or vote it down with no or :(. Spam or hate speech, of course, will get you permanently ejected from the sexting parlor.

More questions? My friend and yours (and noted sextpert) @endoftheshow has very kindly written you

the FAQ

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❣ means this sexter has an unusually high hit percentage!

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Sext: I'd like to push you up against a wall and explore you with my mouth. Maybe even bring you off.
sext: let's fall asleep in the wilderness
sext: good plumbing excites me. keep going
Sext: I want to lie in the couch with you, each of us reading our own books, touching in small ways
sext: i'll bring ice cream
sext: when you squeeze me I start to vibrate.
sext: "You and I are the same person," I say seductively into my own ear. "I know just what you like."
sext: i'll anagram your name into galaxies
Sext: Oh yeah, this is definitely going to be Seven of Nine. Prepare for assimilation.
Sext: let's curl up in your bed and mumble Bonnie Raitt into each other's hair
❣ means the recipient liked this sext!